Manage your tasks easily. Take notes of everything you need. Collaborate with your team smoothly.

Task Management

With Cloudship you can get organized in the simplest and most productive way. Add your tasks in a second and order them as you wish. It’s really very easy to use!

Cloudship will help you focus on the tasks you have to do today and on the tasks that are important. Using the search box, you can find any task immediately. With Cloudship you will have everything under control!

But that is not all. Cloudship has many other things to offer….


Note Taking

With Cloudship you can keep track of anything you can think of: ideas, proposals, articles, reports… Creating a note is really fast and simple. You don’t even have to worry about saving the note – Cloudship will do it for you.

Your notes will be saved securely in the cloud. You can access your notes at any time, edit them and review previous versions. Cloudship will help you to keep your notes ordered and to search for them quickly.


Work in a team the simpler way

Cloudship allows you to share projects with other people. Tasks and notes in a shared project can be accessed by other members of the project.

Sometimes participating in collaborative projects results in confusion and misinterpretation. With Cloudship it is different. We have thought of every detail so that your team can work in a clear, simple and effective way.


Created with passion

Cloudship has been built with a lot of passion, attention and effort. During the development of Cloudship we faced a lot of decisions: whether to include this function or leave it out, whether to put that button here or there…

Finally, what made us decide was our vision of how we wanted Cloudship to be:



What’s next?

This is just the beginning: Cloudship has just been born. We have many updates prepared for the coming months: mobile versions, new functions… and you can have a lot of say in this process. Your opinion will help us make Cloudship better and we will be really happy to receive your feedback.