Cloudship en la Prensa

“Cloudship is an app I now use every day and I would struggle to say something I didn’t like about it. Even down to basic tasks such as changing the date or making a note, the functionality is just superb.”

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“Cloudship is a task management and note taking app that lets you easily collaborate with your team. It’s simple to use, with support for nested tasks, attaching files, time tracking, and more.”

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“I have been looking for the best app for this, and while there’s many nice ones, I never could find the perfect app for me. That is, until a few weeks ago I discovered Cloudship, an app which looked as good as it performed — for me this was the perfect application.”

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“CloudShip ne manque pas d’arguments dans un marché déjà très encombré d’outils du même genre. Il parait particulièrement adapté aux toutes petites équipes qui trouveront là à moindre coût un outil d’organisation souple et très facile à mettre en oeuvre.”

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