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Projects (3)

Project roles

Every member of a shared project has a unique role in the project. Depending on his/her role, the user may or may not take certain actions. There are two different roles: Administrator Standard User The following table shows the actions … Continue reading

Moving tasks and notes between projects

To move a task or note to a different project, right click on the task(s) or note(s) you want to move, select the option “Move to Project…” and chose the target project.

Assigning tasks to other users

In shared projects you can assign tasks to other users. To assign a task to a project member, right click on the task you want to assign, select the option “Assign to…” and choose the new owner of the task. … Continue reading

Tasks (5)

Creating a task

To create a task, write it in the “create task” box placed above the task list. You can add tags using #. For instance, if we want to create the task “Buy adhesive tape”, and add to it the tags … Continue reading

Ordering and nesting tasks

To reorder a task in a list, drag it and drop it where you want to place it. You can nest a task if you drop it over another task. You can select multiple tasks by pressing CTRL or SHIFT. … Continue reading

Searching for tasks

Select the search box and type the words and tags you want to search for. Cloudship will search for the tasks that contain ALL the words and tags you entered. For instance, if we write: Mary #important Cloudship will search … Continue reading

Adding notes and files to a task

In Cloudship all tasks have an associated note. You can use this note to add details to the task. You can also attach files to the note. To open the note associated with a task click the Note button. To attach … Continue reading

Schedule a task

Scheduled tasks are tasks that cannot be started until a future date. A scheduled task can be single (you only need to do it once) or repeated (you need to do it several times over time). For instance: Starting December … Continue reading