Communication is essential when collaborating on a project, especially if you are working with a team of two or more members.

Unfortunately, collaboration has its disadvantages, one of which is information overload. This is when members exchange ideas and information left and right without an organized system in place. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Cloudship addresses this issue by centralizing all project activities through notifications. These are short messages that appear in your Notifications list when a task reminder is due, or when a scheduled task starts. You will also receive notifications whenever a member edits a task, leaves a note or task comment, or attaches a file.

The Notification Center

You can visit the Notification center by clicking on the mailbox icon found at the top left portion of the Dashboard.

The Notifications center is made up of three parts: the list, which gives an overview of your messages (i.e., who sent you the message, project, and date); the message, which is where you can view the details of the notification; and the project details (project title and the date and time the notification was sent).

To view the notification details, simply click on a message. The details automatically appear at the bottom under Message.

To close the Notifications window, simply click on the space above the Notifications table or click on Close.

6 Types of Notifications

There are certain conditions that will prompt Cloudship to notify you. Here are 6 types of notifications you will receive when you log in to your account:

  1. The day that a task reminder is due.
  2. The day that a scheduled task starts.
  3. When another member modifies a task assigned to you.
  4. When another member modifies a task you have.
  5. When another member modifies a resource.
  6. When another member modifies a project you are a part of.

Take note that Cloudship does not send email notifications alongside in-app notifications. You will only receive email notifications when a member of the project (un)assigns you from a task or if you are invited to a project. This is to ensure that Cloudship doesn’t fill your inbox to the brim and that all communications are handled within the app.

We may add more notifications in the future. Stay tuned for updates.