There is a lot more to task management than a simple list of things to do.

It's using strategies to achieve completion, to work towards accomplishing your tasks before the looming deadline. The process from Point A to B is a journey of information that a single line of text cannot fully capture.

This is where notes come in.

The note is a crucial aspect to task management. These days, you won't find a todo app that doesn't have notes embedded into it.

The note application carries several functions that ensure your ability to achieve your goals. Moreovoer, it serves as your follow-through in tackling the task at hand and eventually producing the best results possible.

Cloudship's notes feature is essential—even necessary—to the app, and so we make sure that it is integrated into the system and becomes a fundamental aspect to productivity.

To give you a clearer idea of how important notes are, here are four (4) ways to use notes when managing your daily todos:

  1. To record and save information – notes are there when you need to list down mobile numbers, addresses, lines of code, guidelines, and memos. On Cloudship, you can create notes for specific tasks or for general purposes.
  2. To create information – it's possible for task management to begin with a note of ideas, instructions, and suggestions. The project can then break into little pieces now more detailed and focused.
  3. To share information – task management as a collaborative activity involves sharing information to the other members of the team. This is especially important if you're dealing with a task assigned to another person and that relates to your own work.
  4. To achieve your goals – this is the end-point after all, isn't it? To finally be confident enough to tick that task off of your list, maintain your productivity, and focus on the next level of the project. This is what many of today's best task management apps (including ours) aim for in our users.

Notes can do so much for one's productivity. We highly recommend taking advantage of notes and the numerous formatting tools available to create, save, and share information in the most effective and efficient way.

On Cloudship, you can create notes for tasks by clicking on the pencil icon beside a task due date. You can also create project notes by selecting a project, opening the Notes tab, and add a note.

What’s unique about Cloudship’s note-taking application apart from most task managers are the ability to attach files to the note, writing and saving in rich text format, and note history. These features take note-taking a step further by allowing you to add emphasis to your notes, refer to past edits, and insert additional information, making your notes much more efficient and useful to your workflow.

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