Instagram Hashtags 2022 –Your Ultimate Guide

With the presence of billion active users on Instagram, numerous posts are being made every hour. If you don’t adopt the right techniques and methods to post on Instagram, your post will be lost in many other posts. Therefore, you should be aware of tools that can help your content to appear more frequently and bring it to more new users on Instagram.

Hashtags are one of those highly effective tools you may opt for. While some are still buying Instagram impressions, the rest are more into finding proper hashtags their audience will relate to. Just like people enjoy following trends, they love to use popular hashtags. Because trending and popular hashtags help them to go viral. Similarly, a brand can use them to help its target audience find its posts more often. 

What Do Hashtags Do?

Do you remember the sorting hat from the famous Harry Potter? The hashtags do the same job of sorting out several posts into their relevant categories. What is the advantage of using hashtags? It will increase the probability of your post showing up when someone uses one of those hashtags to search for anything on Instagram.

Why Do People Use Hashtags?

The experts highly recommend to use hashtags in each of your posts. The reason is many people don’t bother to scroll through their feed every time they open their Instagram. Instead, they prefer to type a hashtag on the explore page to narrow their search. So, if you have used one of their typed hashtags, the Instagram algorithm will automatically choose your post to appear.

Hashtags leverage your business by allowing you to interact with Instagram users who don’t even follow you. As a result, you can access a more specific audience that you are sure would be interested in your product or service. Hence, instead of buying IGTV views, you choose appropriate hashtags that can make a difference. 

Should I Use More Popular Hashtags?

There is also a misconception among the masses that we would like to shed light on. Many people think that using too many popular hashtags will lead their posts to the top of the feed. However, it is not true. Popular hashtags have too much competition because they have been used by several businesses and influencers. Therefore, you must not choose them. You should rather prefer hashtags with less competition, are unique, and reflect your account. They should be easier to find and must resonate with your target user. 

How Many Hashtags Should I Use Per Post?

According to the Instagram algorithm recently suggested, the content creator should at least use 3 to 5 hashtags in each post. Though you can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post, try to keep them less relevant and meaningful.

As we have already discussed that using excessive hashtags isn’t much useful. Because the purpose is to help Instagram categorize your posts so the user will easily find them. 

Some Top Trending Instagram Hashtags 

These are top Instagram hashtags that we get to see every day on Instagram:


















































Choosing unique and relevant hashtags for your business increases your chances of getting more traffic 3 times. But don’t stuff too many hashtags, as it won’t greatly impact your content promotion.